I am just a regular guy with a great sense of humour. I am mostly busy in learning new skills and make my grip on them. I am a tech geek and always trying to explore more and more about technology. I am working as a freelancer in oDesk and many other freelancing websites.
I like working in strict deadlines so that I can check my potential.

Till now, you must be thinking that I am too much of a BORING person, right?
No, it’s not true.

I have a friendly personality and like tomeet new people to make friends. Meeting with different people gives you new ideas, new thoughts and new hope for life. If you are just sitting in your home, disconnected from the world then there is so much of a life that you’re missing.

I am a movie lover and mostly spend my weekends watching movies and serials. My favorite serial is “Game Of Thrones”.
Most of the people think that watching movies or serials is just a wastage of time but I don’t think so. Why? Because I have learnt so much from movies that I couldn’t learn from anywhere else. I have watched hundreds of movies and I always learn something from them.
I can say that my personality is so much groomed because of my craze for movies.

My favorite sports are Football, Badminton and Tennis.

And that’s it.


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